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Mail Forwarding Instructions

The proper format and a sample letter are show below.

Multiple letters

Please note that if you are sending multiple letters that are exactly the same but to different women please only send us one copy of the letter. In your instructions tell us that you want to send the same letter to all of the women and then list each of their addresses.

Sending Photos

If you want to send photos they must be in "jpg" format no larger than 40kb. When you send a photo to us we place it in our permanent files so it is not necessary to resend it again with each future order, simply tell us that you want to include your photo and we will retrieve it from our data base and send it to the person of your choice. You have a choice of having your photo printed in color or Black and white.

Our Prices

1. Translations are $10.00 per typed page with a one page minimum (650 words per page), additional words are 2 cents each. (Please note that we do not use computer software to translate our letters because computers do a very poor job of translating the correct meaning of the Russian language, because of this we use only people where Russian is their native language).
2. Standard Letter forwarding is $5.00 for the first two pages, each additional page is $2
3. Registered Letter forwarding is $6.00 for the first two pages, each additional page is $2
4. Photographs in jpg format can be sent with your letter, you have two options for this:
   A. To print them in Black and White costs $2 each
   B. To print them in Color costs $4 each
5. Photo scanning service is available for a fee of $5 per photo.

Delivery Time

1. Your letters are translated and mailed usually within 24 hours from the time we receive them.
2. Standard letters are usually received in 2-3 days unless it is a weekend but cannot be guaranteed to reach their final destination due to frequent theft of mail.
3. Registered letters take the same amount of time to be received as our Standard letters. Since they are sent by registered mail they cost more to deliver but are guaranteed to reach their destination.

To open your mail forwarding account

To open your mail forwarding account please go to our credit card order form

Here is an example of a sample letter

I would like to have the following letter translated into Russian 
and sent to the address listed below. In addition I want to have 
my photo sent and printed in color. Please send this letter by your 
Registered letter service.

John Hilson
1234 Main Street
Houston Texas 77041

ID#: RU9999
Svetlana Nikalova
str. Nikitina # 47 12/34 
Novosibirsk, Russia, 630123

My letter goes here:
Dear Svetlana...      
I saw you on the internet and I think you are
the woman of my dreams. I want to meet you, please write to me so we can
get to know each other better.

Sincerely yours, John Hilson

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