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Talking to ladies from our Agency we discovered that most of them awaiting for letters from men. Often they have some lonely night calls, but nothing more. The most beautiful ladies often get no letters at all! So, for this first posting we decided to show you our experience about How to Send your Letter to Russia fast and economical. Our prime goal is to share experience and information with you.

How To Send Your Letters To Russia Fast And Economical

1. First opportunity. General Post Service. For the first view this type is most economical. Your letter will reach your addressee within next 2-3 weeks. It will cost you about 5-15$. I would not tell you that your letter could be lost, I have no such evidences. But the most important tips are: - Never send money, valuable, tickets, credit cards, ect. in your envelope. It will be never received (tested). - Never send your letter the other way but Registered Mail (your letter should be delivered to your addressee's hands). Most of Russian people lives in 5 or 9 floor houses built 15-20 years ago. Now it's entrances are closed and usually it is very difficult for postman to reach the mailbox. It is very often to smell burned paper because of children's prank. It will cost about 10% more. Ideal if you are corresponding with someone and can wait a 6 weeks to get a reply or would like to send some real photos of yourself, country, ect.

2. Second opportunity. Express Mail. Almost every city in Russia has representatives of FedEx, Ups, DHL. Ideal if you send important documents, photos, ect. This opportunity is not suitable for everyday correspondence because of its high expenses (19-40$).

3. Third opportunity. Mail Forwarding Service. When you buy an address from any agency you can easy check if they have mail forwarding service. If no, it means that this address was bought somewhere else and they re-sell it. There is no real connection between this agency and the person you are interesting in. If they do, you can check what is the regular procedure of letter delivery. It could be different.

3.1 Cost 12-30$ for the letter delivery and reply at the same time. (it is no optional but obligatory) It means that agency will deliver your letter from hand to hand (usually right at the agency) and assure you that you will get a reply (if no, you can send free letter). This type of the service is a key for interference in relationships between you and your addressee. Your contact information will be excluded. This is a usual practice for a small local agencies who made their web site and working on their own.

3.2 Cost 5-6$ for the mail forwarding. As a part of Angelika Network we took it's experience and for about one year we practice only this way of letters delivery. Our operators print your letter, register it, translate (optional), pack into envelope together with the instruction how to sent a reply, seal up and send it as Registered Mail to your addressee (or she can come to the agency and take your letter there). The Instruction contains your address, phone, e-mail. Regular time of such delivery is 2-3 days. We check over the phone if it has been delivered or not. If lady has her e-mail, she reply you from her own. In 90% cases our clients agree to pay additional $5 if the lady would like to reply using the same way in reverse. This practice is fair, confidential (only translator of your letter could see your letter) and convenient for both sides. Moreover, it is economical. If you would like to use this service in other then Novosibirsk cities, please, .

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