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How to get the highest % of replies

Part 1

We would like to devote our second newsletter to the question of getting the highest % of replies and writing a letter itself. Before starting making a letter, think if you are really serious in your striving for finding a Russian Wife. This question is the most important for all Russian women. It seems that this assertion is obvious. It cannot be any other way. But please let me tell you a little about the current situation with agencies as it has been shaped in Russia (mostly). It explains a lot. Seeing newspaper advertisements a woman goes to a local marriage agency, pays for placing her photos and profile somewhere. Discharging of agency's obligation doesn't connect with the result in form of marriage (in 99% cases). Out of this reason a woman (client) makes her opinion if the agency works or not, based on the amount of incoming letters. The more letters there are the better the service is. Maybe a woman(client) doesn't think so, but this is the easiest way for agency to show it works. Moreover, this is the key for additional income.

So, such an agency does the following further on. It places a woman (client) in the free-based sites or sites, where the cost is connected only with time membership. Moreover, such placing doesn't require any kind of pre-agreement and is free for everyone. It doesn't require a woman's (client's) passport or any kind of document. So, it is the easiest way. Agency creates a separate e-mail for this woman and gets every mail in it. Go to such sites and you will see that there are thousands of women there and everyone has her own e-mail. The real situation is that only a small part of ladies have e-mails or have and can use it (moreover it is well known that 90% of all Russian Internet resources and users are from Moscow and St.Pete). It is well sorted with the prime goal of an agency (local). There are a lot of letters that a woman (client) receives (sometimes, more than 100 per week). Every letter should be paid for receiving, being translated into Russian (additional payment), translated back (again payment) and sent back (again payment). Moreover, It is almost impossible to determine who is serious and how much, within the first time of correspondence (first letters). You can easily look at this situation from your site. You go to a 'free' site and see lots of profiles and can write to all of them. You write a letter and send it to as much ladies as you want without spending much time, thinking it over. What does the woman get? Sure! She gets hundreds of very similar letters (and pays) concentrated on themselves but not on information from her profile.

Accordingly, you can see the first rule - read the profile, reply to every thought, let her know why you have been interested in her. It is very hard to mark out a serious one with such correspondence. Moreover, it requires a lot of time and the most part of the month income. There are two standard situations in the process of such a correspondence: a man/woman doesn't reply to the first letter OR correspondence goes for a long without coming over itself.

This picture has become traits of universality because most local agencies worked and work (!) this way. There is a common view of Russian Women that it is very hard to find a good person abroad, this is a very long-termed process, that this is only a lottery, that most agencies (local) are not fair, that their results are very poor. That is why correspondence via free-based web sites gives good results rather seldom. That is the real situation and Russian Women got used to it. To be more exact, local agencies combine working with free-based web sites and agencies, which take money from men. But letters from them do not come apart.

In all fairness we should note that Angelika Network (and we are the part of it) is the only agency, in which women don't pay for registering with agencies. Moreover, this is the only agency, in which a woman doesn't pay for receiving letters at all, doesn't pay for sending her letter back via agency also the same with translations, if her addressee agrees to do it for her. Local agency working with Angelika has no right to place women in free-based sites. Women do know it and they are contented because we do not have such a goal as to give them 100 letters per week but when they get something they can see a man is serious and they can be in earnest about him and his letter.

We had no goal to speak about the agencies at Internet and local agencies now, about their development history, about choosing the right one, as this is the topic of another newsletter. Nevertheless, we could not leave this question here, as it is very important in regarding letter writing. The first question, that you ask yourself writing a letter, is what is expected from you and what is better to write and what is better to leave. In our opinion, this is the very attitude that form the basis of successful letter writing. That is why we would not like to give you an approximate text of letter, its mould. You can easily find it anywhere in Internet. But we are making an appeal to refuse any mould. What to write will be dictated by your common sense.

So! Russian women got used to getting a lot of letters and are ready for a long-term correspondence. This situation is changing now as lots of agencies understand that it is much better to provide fair service and to explain what a lady should expect if she is placed in free-based sites (for example - it is good if a lady knows English and has her e-mail) or agencies and give her a choice. Ladies share their experience, so newcomers (who have no experience) wait for a huge amount of letters. So, if you would not show your interest and would not tell about it (we know, that your interest is true as you paid for her address, for the letter delivery, and maybe for the translation) she can think that it will be better to wait a little. When registering ladies, we explain to every lady that every man here is serous and what you've heard is a common practice of free-based websites and local agencies are interested in taking from you for every letter, but our words are just an agency interest, so it is better to mention it and to show it somehow. [continue]

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