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How to get the highest % of replies

Part 2

Here we are to make a resume.

1. Show your interest. Read her profile, respond to her reflections and thoughts.

2. Show that you are serious, that you ready /if everything goes well/ to come to Russia for a personal meeting. If it is shown, that a woman's address was taken several times, remember, that if she is still placed at the agency, she is available. (here I can say for sure only about Angelika Network agencies but only these agencies sometimes show such information) It often happens that such a lady should start everything from the beginning because she refused someone, most of men didn't even write her, making one night call (do not do it without pre-agreement!). /even if her profile will be blocked and then restored the information about address retrieve will be saved and shown/. Moreover, there is a level when a man thinks that if her address was sold lots of times - he's got very few chances. Be self-confident and do not care about it!

3. Respect the lady you are writing to!

4. If you see that she does not know your language well, check your letter with MS Word. It is really hard to find the meaning of the wrongly spelled word from the context of the text. Use simple language.

5. Do not write very long letters. Be laconic. 1-2 page/s is an optimal size.

6. Do not demand from her a lot of photos right with the first letter. It is very busily. It will be better to send 1 rose and ask agency to make a photo of the delivery moment. You will not lose. By the way! If you would like to make an impression and send flowers, never (!) send an even number of flowers (it is always connected with funeral) and never (!) send carnations /if you do not know exactly that your lady likes them/ because most of Russian ladies don't like them.

7. Do not overburden your letters trying to tell everything. The best way is the question-answer base. But it's good to send out of turn letter 'just because you miss her'. This is very pleasant.

8. Keep distance. Do not speak about very personal things.

9. Be interesting.

10. Keep showing your interest. Do not let her be bored.

Certainly, all of this can be changed from case to case as it is not possible to foresee everything. But I am sure you understood the main approach.

Photos. Beginning of correspondence.

What we hear from our ladies, gives us a chance to conclude that a photo of a man is not as much important to them as it is to a man /But it is very curious to see your addressee/. Of course, absence of photo should be compensated by a very interesting letter. So, it is not so necessary to send a photo with the first letter. When time comes, choose for the first photo, that shows you, but not your car, house, friends... at the main place.

Optimal time for correspondence.

According to the practice, the most successful meetings happen after 2-6 months. Overwhelming majority of successful couples come trough this scheme: contact - correspondence - conversation/phone/- man's visit to a lady - lady's visit to man - marriage.

Optimal number of ladies to write.

It is better to write as much ladies as you have time for. Visiting the country of your potential wife is the most optimal way to know her. There you can meet not only one lady, but also a lot of others. In this case your chances are much better than if you invite one lady to your country to meet her for the first time. Moreover, 90% of ladies from our agency agree to meet a man if he is in the city even without correspondence /so, it is the good point to make a tour to save time/. It is not necessary to tell a lady that you write letters only to her - be honest.

I hope I was able to give you the general idea of how to write letters. It is obvious that most of this dictated by common sense and current situation but not cultural features. But if you will do so, your chances comparing with others, will grow up and you will get the highest % of replies.

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