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Tender russian Words and Phrases

by Alexander Korjev & Lilia Meighan

My name is Alexander Korjev and I'd like to intoduce you my Tender Russian Words and Phrases site. This site has been created from the various emails that I sent to the RWL (Russian Woman's List). My friends Sean Meighan and his beautiful Ukrainian wife Lilia kindly helped me to make this site and I really appreciate them. I want to help you to express your feelings and emotions in Russian - the native language of your Russian or Ukrainian lady friend.

Read, hear and learn tender romantic Russian words and phrases. Surprise and enrapture Russian heart! This is very easy. Just click, listen and repeat!

Here are some examples from this rather interesting and useful page:

Tender Words of admiration

You are so beautiful

Ты такая красивая

Ti takAya krasIvaya

You are so tender

Ты такая нежная

Ti takAya nEzhnaya

You are so wonderful

Ты такая чудесная

Ti takAya chudEsnaya

You are so splendid

Ты так великолепна

Ti tak velikolEpna

Tender forms useful to express your understanding

Am I speaking fast?

Я быстро говорю?

Ya bYstro gavaryU?

Do you understand me?

Вы понимаете меня?

Vy menyA panimAyete?

I don't understand you

Я не понимаю вас

Ya ne panimAyu vas

I understand you

Я вас понимаю

Ya vas panimAyu

I understand you quite well

Да, я вас хорошо понимаю

Da, ya vas haroshO panimAyu

Read, hear and learn romantic Russian phrases. Now this page contain 16 chapters, full of tenderness and romance!
Visit Tender Russian Words and Phrases site!

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