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How to recognize them and how do not mistake about a fair woman.

You have probably come across the fact, that Your correspondence partner asked You to send "a bit" of money for correspondence, translations, tickets, visa, passport, health and so on and so forth. Perhaps, You sent the money, and perhaps, everything was all right. However, sincerity and generosity of men, even towards the women they have never seen, have caused appearance of such people, for whom it became the source of getting money. Unfortunately, we are living in the world, in which there are not only people, sincerely willing to find their partner in another country, but also those, who hide themselves behind the mask of such people, getting money in such a way. If to use juridical language, we have the corpus delicti called -fraud. And fraud, as it's know, has the corpus delicti, which is the most difficult to prove, for its victims give their money of their own free will and it can be distinguished from an ordinary transfer only by the intention of cheater to commit a crime. And that is why such cases are better and easier to prevent, rather than to correct later. Besides very often one comes across such a situation, when a man is so much afraid of being deceived, that he has no trust to an honest woman and constantly suspects her - and such relations can never bring to mutual understanding and sincere relations. That's why I would like to clearly state who the scammers in this field are and how to ! identify them, and which rules to follow so that not to become a victim of the fraud of the kind.

Who are they?
I would divide them in 3 categories

  1. Those can be also single women, who are searching for their partner and at the same time earn their living in such a way.
  2. Those can be organized groups of people (or even one person), and on the behalf of women, who do not really exist, they correspond and then get money from men.
  3. Those can be agencies, putting on a mask of respectable and reliable ones, having their own websites in the Internet.

How to recognize them

1. Single women, who are seeking their partner and at the same time, earn their living. It's the most frequently met group. In men they are mainly interested because of their money and they keep drawing attention to that all the time. And if You, in Your turn, pay too much attention to Your wealth, tell about having lots of houses, cars, a plane, a helicopter, then such a girl will seize Your in a death grip. Please, do not pay too much attention to that and she will pass You by. Besides, such a woman, right after a couple of letters will (definitely) think out a very convincing reason, out of which she will need money very much. For instance:

  • her mother (father, sister) were taken to hospital and she urgently needs some money for the operation;
  • her tooth broke and she urgently needs to have it cured;
  • she came across an opportunity to purchase a computer at a very low price, and in this case your correspondence may be continued;
  • she doesn't have the money to pay for her correspondence at the agency or the translation service;
  • You send her flowers, but she tells You, that it'd be better if You could send her simply money, for she is in financial straits.

This kind of correspondence may last for some time and you will decide for a meeting. In this case she would insist that it should definitely be her to come (but not Your coming to her), and she will also ask You about:

  • 200-300 Dollars to make a passport (a visa, ect.)
  • transferring her the money for a ticket through Western Union (or may be to the name of her "female friend").

There are lots of possible variants, however, all of them are easy to prevent, if to follow one rule - Never send money to a person, You have never seen in person. You may pay for her correspondence at the agency, find a translator, who will translate Your letters, to pay her attention by sending her flowers and presents. Moreover, the majority of agencies take pictures of ladies at the moment of delivery, which will serve a kind of control of real existence and checking of the address. If everything is OK and You decided to meet with her not in her city (town) and she needs a flight ticket, then You may buy it for her and she will receive it at the nearest office of the airline company. If she doesn't have a passport, then it doesn't cost 200-300 Dollars. Officially, it would cost about 200 Rubbles in Russia (about 7 Dollars) and is ready in a month time. Besides, it's possible to have it ready faster, however, it's not more than 1500 Rubbles (50 Dollars) for one or two weeks. So, that's the very first rule: one should trust a person, since the majority are still honest and decent, but as for sending money to somebody You have never met, one should not.

One should note that at the agencies of the Angelika Net our operators are warned about the fact that if a girl importunately asks for money from men, the leaders will immediately be informed and she will be immediately removed. That's why, such ladies usually register with the agencies, in which they may place their profiles on-line without showing their passports and the like rules (in such services there is always a reference - to place one's profile on-line), and also with the agencies, specialized in work with Russian women, and which accept profiles of any ladies by e-mail (which is easy to check, because they usually give such information that a Russian woman can send them a picture and a profile by e-mail).- To make it easier, let's name such agencies NON-PERSONAL, i.e. not requiring personal presence of a woman at the agency, and which do not require her passport for registration.

2. Those can be organized groups of people (or even one person), who on behalf of women, who do not really exist, stay in correspondence and then get money from men. This is a less spread group. They usually place profiles and pictures of very beautiful women at the like NON-PERSONAL agencies, stay in correspondence of behalf of them so that in future on account of any of above mentioned reasons to ask You for money, which are to be transferred through Western Union. If You like very much a woman, You've been corresponding with through e-mail, and You found her in one of the NON-PERSONAL agencies, and would like to check, whether it is exactly her corresponding with You (and actually, it's likely to be so) - send her a rose or any kind of not very considerable present. Ask the delivery agent to deliver it exactly to the address, she gave You, and ask them to take a picture of her at the moment of present delivery. If an agent manages to find her by that address, and it's exactly her, then she will thank You and your relations will only become better because of that. If not - then You win again - You've found out the fraud and You won't be deceived.

3. Those can be agencies, pretending to be respectable and solid, having their own web-sites in the Internet. It's a very rarely met kind of fraud, because an agency usually treasures its good name and won't take such a risk. Most probably, a person, who decided to try a fraud would act as it's stated in the second item. But in case they make their own web-site, they start communicating with their clients directly and will have such an opportunity to manipulate their clients.

The main features of such an agency:

  • absence of official address, only P.O Box
  • no direct phone number, which You may always use to contact the staff of the agency,
  • absence of clear and understandable price-lists and service-lists,
  • no opportunity to pay by credit-cards on-line with real-time processing (it's very expensive),
  • no opportunity to make an official invitation for a visa
  • less than 100 profiles from one city (town)
  • the process of letter delivery look like as follows - You pay a definite sum of money for sending a letter, necessarily including a lady's reply. A woman is asked to come to the agency and is handed the letter, from which they cut out Your address, e-mail, phone number for her not to be able to communicate with You directly. Certainly, You won't be told about that, but if they guarantee You a lady's reply as a service (i.e. it is necessarily included in the cost and there is no opportunity to simply send a letter) then in cannot be another (look for more information on that HERE)

Main conclusions:

  • Please, avoid NON-PERSONAL agencies, and turn only to those, in which women register in person and show their passports.
  • Turn only to official agencies, even if they are personal, i.e.
  • Existence of actual offices in the USA and Russia (do not trust the P.O.B. kind of addresses);
  • Ability to furnish a Russian entry visa, as well as to have it registered in Russia (which would mean they are full-fledged in Russia too);
  • A telephone number where you can talk with a live person rather than the voice mail;

Never send any money before the first meeting. If a flight ticket is needed, then buy it Yourself. And ask a lady to take it at a local representative office of the airline company. Please, ask the delivery person to take pictures and make delivery to the address, she gave You.

Alexei Kovalev.

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