What You Should Know About Rio Brazil Girls

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Even though you need to break out of your shell a bit, it is essential that the girl still feels respected and not like just a sexual object. Hi, I am coming here a little a late, but I want to share my thoughts of someone who lives in Rio. First of all, I am really sorry for your awful experience in Brazil. As you might know, Brazil has gone through a lot of problems in the ladt decade.

  • The writer is right – go see Rio, go to the nice place, but then get the hell out.
  • For this alone, it is worth visiting for a couple of days, any time in the year.
  • The thief ran north toward Ipanema beach followed by what seemed like every person on the beach.
  • And maybe if we went back to Brazil tomorrow we would meet a few people who were friendly.
  • Lastly, for a quick weekend escape from Rio, also check our Buzios city guide for men.
  • Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular cities among sex tourists all over the world.

Life in Brazil is carefree for many young people. It is not uncommon for people in their twenties to remain with their parents. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is the economy. Brazil has a tough political environment where not many people can afford to make it on their own.

Map of Places to Meet Girls in Rio

I love Brazil except when I get chased by some kids in the favela when drunk af at a Bali funk party (don’t go to the favela in Rio as there are a couple really bad ones but Belo Horizonte is mostly safe). I’m not sure if I looked at their gf or brushed by them or what . I finally got robbed my first time last month. More kids and I think their gun was fake but I wasn’t chancing it for a couple credit cards I can cancel and a cracked screen old samsung a5. Ah yes, the Brazilian who is self-centered. And for Brazilians it is about three things, me, myself and I. They ignore what you say, focus only on what they want, don’t keep to made agreements and blame you when things go to shit because they didn’t held up their end of the bargain.

  • Also the pic you posted are favela girls, not middle class.
  • Enjoy the Rio map below which I created so that you can be 100% sure of the exact locations of all the places mentioned in this blogpost.
  • Because many of their men couldn´t find that touch of femininity that women in the past used to have.
  • Thank you for your various comments Diego.
  • They are known for being forward and devilishly sexy when it comes to the bedroom.
  • People will be people no matter where you are.

Pretty much the same thing, I found the most attractive women In parts were tourism is the local economies main money maker. True about the last part, some of the Southern European girls look absolutely stunning. What I mean is that since we lack naturally blondes in Brazil we here tend to like them more than average. The grass is always greener on the other side. The super buff guys are still just a minority of the guys or so.

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What You Should Know About Rio Brazil Girls

Americans are polled as one of the friendliest nations, and receive the highest rates of tourism and immigration of any country. That thing is really a mockumentary, most Brazil couldn’t be more different that that. By the way, I don’t believe there’s a typical “standard” Brazilian though. We as a culture, although somehow cohesive, tend to be quite fragmented and even more unpredictable from person to person. If there’s anything more or less common between Brazilians it’s the habit of drinking coffee at least once daily, and I’ve noticed this among ALL classes, colors, ages, regions and incomes.

More Cities Where to Meet Brazilian Women

Thus stick to the well-lit main roads of Botafogo at night. You’ll find lots of women tanning on the beaches pretty much all year long and there are loads of cafes, bars, shopping malls, etc. in these districts too.

See from our childhood anything to know in this world some body has to teach you. Like how to talk, how to eat what to eat, how to drive anything u know till today. But did ever anyone tech anybody about sex. How people know everything about sex naturally. How u came to know where to smooch where to bite where to lick. In which hole to insert, did anyone teach you. So sex not like any ordinary thing, it’s true n pure gifted by god.

What you’re asking about has really been explained ad nauseam. Hot women connect with men without good looks or money more often than you think!

Young brazilian girl at Ipanema beach at Rio de Janeiro with beach in summer

They offer fine strippers, go-go girls and resident DJs that are sure to keep you dancing. If you are looking to get laid, then appearing like you have money will be a factor. Even though this is not the ultimate factor – personality is probably the most important – you don’t want to scare the girl off by looking like you come from a rough neighbourhood. In Rio, the people from these areas are often entangled in crime and the drug trade. You don’t have to be super wealthy as well; just don’t appear poor.

What You Should Know About Rio Brazil Girls


I tried a few unconventional methods at first to find seduction groups in Rio. For example, I did an online search for something like “PUA WhatsApp Groups Rio de Janeiro / Brazil”. In this way, I found a large PUA (Portuguese-speaking) theory Rio WhatsApp group (100+ members). However, on a Friday night, they were only talking about game theory. This is not good for any PUA Whatsapp group.

Maybe the places you visit, maybe the people you talk, maybe the way you talked…I mean, it’s not because the foreigners call us friendly we give a hug in everyone. Racism is a defense mechanism and so it is sometimes necessary and a good thing. Without racism, all the races will merge together and everyone in the future across the planet will look exactly the same. I want there to be diversity, with people from the different parts of the world looking distinct. So if racism will allow us to save diversity, then racism is not such a bad thing. I really don’t know Brazilians that well – but I’ve spent a lot of time in both Mexico and Colombia and the people are very friendly .

Dating Culture

There is always something going on, and there are always beautiful ladies to be had. LeblonEscorts.com and Rio-Escort.com are great places to start. The going rate is like $80 for a 1 hour in-call session, but can get up to $250 for the hottest girls to come right to your hotel room. Erotic massages are all over Rio, tucked into nooks and crannies all over the city. Most don’t explicitly advertise from the outside, so it’s best to look them up online, or ask around.